Anjaam Pathira : (2020) Movie Introduction

If you are fond of watching suspense thriller movies, then Ratsasan‘s name comes very high in this list. Which has raised the level of Indian cinema very much in front of the whole world and perhaps it would not be difficult to become another film like this.
But don’t lose heart because we have found a film for you that has the strength to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ratsasan in every department like suspense mystery film. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Anjaam Pathira (2020)
Anjaam Pathira : (2020) Movie : Best and Honest Review

Anjaam Pathira : (2020) Movie Story and Cast Explain

Today I have brought a special film for you, after seeing it, believe that the land under the feet will move a little and the detective hiding inside you will be longing to get out. The name of the film is “Anjaam Pathiraa” which is originally Malayalam film but you can also watch it with the help of English subtitles, the biggest good news will be to watch it absolutely free, not having to spend a single penny.
This time, the story has been written in the name of a dangerous serial killer whose heart has come over some policemen, one by one who is liberating the world.
Think that when the law keepers start picking and dying, then fear is quite a matter. This killer is not at all a concealer, but after taking out both the eyes and heart from the body of a police officer, his body is openly challenged to the entire police department by hanging his body like a piece of show among people.
In every plan, two things are exactly the same, the first mask that can give any person a heart attack on the face of the killer. Then there is an entry in the story of a psychologist named Anwar Hussain who treats people’s brains, but it is also very good to read part time Criminals.
Experts are believed to be able to bring out the hidden motive behind the crime, due to this talent, they are forced to seek the help of the police and try to catch the serial killer who ruthlessly takes out his hatred to his companions. Is making weapons.
anjaam pathira
It is also frightening that the battle is going on not just on the ground but also in the computer world as this killer hacks the entire police department’s system and also keeps a watch on their every move cleverly.
The twist in the story comes when the body of a dying police officer has a statue that resembles an idol of the law, which is used to deliver a message that the law is blind, with a black band on its eyes. Which is used to deliver the message as the law is blind by tying the black bandage on the eyes, but the matter of this statue is a bit different.
This time the black band has disappeared and the eyes have been carved out in a very beautiful way As if someone is trying to look directly into your soul from inside the idol. What do you think is the secret behind these murderous murderers and what does this color want to prove by making policemen its prey? All these murders are the result of the insanity of a human mind or there is some hidden secret, due to which dirty game of blood and blood is being played.
Will Anwar Hussain be able to help the police this time and use psychology to reach the killer or is the enemy in front of them one step ahead and not easily among the casualties? And the biggest question is that of the statue which has to do with this whole case, which raises the finger of justice on the entire police department as well as on the system of bringing justice to our country, then it works to answer all these questions in Anjaam Pathiraa. Look, I will not say much about the film or else your fun of watching the film will be completely messed up.
But I promise that after two and a half hours, when you return from the film to your world, your mind will get sweaty. You have to work harder mentally than physically to solve the best suspense game played in the story because Anjaam Pathiraa is a clever film that changes its color at every turn.
The important question is that where can we watch this movie? the answer is website where you will get 100% free


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