Asur : (2020) : Web Series Introduction

We all have heard a lot of stories of God and Evil in our childhood. If you do good then God will meet and if you walk on the path of evil, then it is a guaranteed you will eventually meet Evil, but if I tell you that both good and evil can penetrate within us.
Asur : (2020) : Web Series : Best and Honest Review
We are sitting and God or Evil will not come from above, but he is hidden inside us. The decision of which person to take out at any time is in your hands, in fact, the whole game is about karma, this world is very small, which you give to it, in return you turn around and come back today, if not tomorrow, then you must be equal. . Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Web Series review of “Asur

Asur : (2020) : Web Series Story and Cast Explain

If you like to watch a world class trailer, then this time your needle will not get stuck on any Hollywood film or series, this time your search is going to end in Hollywood but it is hard to believe but Asur has made everyone aware.
There was a time when we were completely crazy about Sacred Games and were not tired of praising Indian cinema but to be honest, this time Asur has crossed that level too. Of such intelligent web series has come before us which gives force to keep even if you threaten and monitor themselves.
Thrill suspense and mystery has a tremendous science that makes Asur stand apart from the rest of the Indian web series. The most important thing in this web series is the total eight episodes which are thirty forty minutes long if you are in one go.
You want to watch the entire show in about five hours, you can reach the end of this, what do you think is where to watch it, then you will get all episodes of Asur on Voot and amazing The thing is that you can see completely free until the fourteen days.
The series begins with a few strange murderers, who, at a glance, lose the senses of the entire police department. Something is played with the lives of humans in such a way that the person in front of them starts to remember God. The two things are always the same in all these murders.
The first is the strange looking flesh whose connection is with the Devil, and the second is the uniformity that the index finger of his right hand is cut off from the body of every Victim. In such a situation, the responsibility of solving these cases is entrusted to the senior officer of CBI, Dhananjay Rajput, he is very clever in mind and is considered an expert in capturing big demons.
 In science, his secret runs and recognizes the different smells flying from the fingerprints and pinches them to a very difficult problem, and another CBI officer Nikhil is imported from the special foreign to support him.  Once upon a time he was student of Dhananjay, but in the matter of ingenuity and intelligence, they have the strength to stand shoulder to shoulder.
The twist in the story comes when both Dhananjay and Nikhil’s connection is connected with the link of these serial somewhere and they both have some such incident. Because of which these killing has started, there is a chance when both of them stand against each other and the suspicious game starts in the web series, whether it is the killer inside.
Who is trying to cheat from a different identity to serve a cause. After all, who is the asur in the story, who takes care of the life of a person by taking the help of Mythology and then dismantles his whole body and throws it in front of the police like a trophy.
In response to the questions, do not delay them at all to see the demon. Watch what makes the series special is the suspense that is going to get deeper with the episodes going forward. There is a web series in which Hollywood level planning and plotting is seen.
Some such disturbing scenes have also been put in, which make you sleepless nights for a few days. It may be in the eyes that some strange photo will be stuck, which will be very difficult to get rid of, but the biggest stand is hidden in a mastermind killer who keeps the entire web series moving around at your behest. Be it or the show’s characters cheat with love, this serial killer completes every task with perfection.
Asur is going to give you the opportunity to see the cat playing on the screen as you are listening. Asur is a strong thriller that is going round your mind. It is just a matter of fact that all your attention should be kept in this web series or else if you missed anything, then you will keep on regretting it.

Asur : (2020) : Web Series Rating

From our side, four stars out of five to Asur, one star for Barun Sobti and one star for Arshad Warsis Strong performance, one star for suspense, one for keeping science and logic alive in the story, and one star for director who made the fictional killer look real.

Asur : (2020) : Web Series About Negative

Talk about negative, a star will be cut for the team of the initial episode, which is a bit slow, due to which your attention may be diverted here and there.


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