Avane Srimannarayana :(Adventures of Srimannarayana) Movie Trailer Review Introduction

I often say in my article that the content of South Movies has left our Bollywood far behind. The way the storylines and acting performance make us look at the South Industry, Their equal reach has become like a dream for Bollywood these days.
A day before, I showed a trailer in which if I tell the truth, my senses were blown away. That means the satisfaction of seeing a good content that is what I actually felt after watching this trailer.
Avane Srimannarayana : (2019) Movie Trailer : Honest And Best Review
Are you wondering why I am praising this trailer so much? Let’s try to tell you in easy words, I promise after watching the four minute trailer, you will be forced to clap. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie trailer review of “Avane Srimannarayana” (Adventures of Srimannarayana).

Avane Srimannarayana Movie Trailer and Cast Explain

Look, first of all, this film is definitely a Kannada film but is going to be released in five different languages. In every different language, you will get to see its trailer. Those who are reading this atricle from North India, yes the film will also be released in Hindi Language and I request you to support this film and trailer as much as possible.
Now the biggest question is what is new in this? Simply put, this film can be the beginning of taking our Indian cinema to Hollywood level. After seeing the manner in which the action and narration style was put into the film, one remembers the famous Hollywood director “Quentin Tarantino”. An old-fashioned recreation has been tried to be placed front of us.
Some pixel characters have been prepared that may remind you of the cleverness of Sherlock Holmes. On screen people are fighting, behind each other’s life, but the background is playing music with rock n ‘roll, listening to you feel like dancing.
Such acts are often seen in big Hollywood movies, But Avane Srimannarayana has made you see Hollywood while sitting in India. Such films are not made of big things; the story of this film has been completed by Seven Directors in almost eighteen months.
avane srimannarayana
Total two thousand VFX shots have also been put in it, you can see a little glimpse of it in the trailer too. The story of the film is set in a village named Amravati in Nineteen Eighty, in which Rakshit Shetty is about to play the role of a corrupt police officer.
The trailer mentions the treasure that someone has looted. Big robbers and policemen are also looking for this treasure, but the reality is not as easy as the story sounds conscience in him.
Putting right and wrong at the top or finding one’s own advantage in a fight is the biggest question for any hero, now what will Rakshit choose from this, We will be able to know only after watching the film .
The trailer is presented in a beautiful way, it fills the excitement in you, A question sometimes arises in the mind that what is going to happen in the film. A dangerous combo of mystery thriller and comedy will get you to see the film.
avane srimannarayana
When after watching the four-minute trailer, you still cannot guess the story, then understand that there is going to be something in the film that can blow your senses.
After the film KGF, the Canadian film industry can once again transform Indian cinema. Have to praise the film’s maker, who has cut the trailer in this way, people get lost in it, Otherwise, the trailer of showing the whole story has started in the trailer itself, While watching the film, it seems that they have already seen everything.
I will request you once again to support films with such strong content by diligently and watch the trailer of this film (Avane Srimannarayana) immediately and share it with your friends. Thank You!


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