Bala : Movie Review 2019 Introduction

We all have a bad habit, comparing ourselves to other. We are black so why is he blonde, we are fat so why is he thin and we are bald, so why is his hair so big? Hey brother stops and take a little breath.
If every mobile company in the world started selling similar phones, So how will you be able to play this Apple and Samsung game. Every company has its advantages and its disadvantages.
Bala : Movie Review 2019 : Best And Honest Review
Just like every human being is different, what is the problem with that? Anyway, we are experts to wear different masks on our faces. The one who shines like gold on the outside, what do you know from the inside is cheap like iron.
Truth be told, this world is quite famous for cheating. So brother, stop looking at each other over the look and try to find the beauty inside, what to know, someday you should get diamond instead of gold. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of Bala.

Bala : Movie Review 2019 Story and Cast Explain

Our Bollywood has a very big gossip the film plays on the name of big stars and expensive sets. If the budget of the film is high then the earnings will double automatically. So brother is not like that at all, Remove the curtain from your eyes.
The most accurate answer to this misunderstanding has been given by a small budget film like Bala. In which there is neither a famous surname actor nor a river of money has been shed in it. But the content of the film is its real hero, which will make you run to the theater. Frankly speaking, this movie has slapped Bollywood‘s poor thinking.
The story of the film is written on a human named Bala, Who was quite famous for his waving hair of childhood. But time turns to something that the hair gets a bad eye and the hair fall monster ruins their lives. He is often ridiculed for his falling hair and people start calling them with stupid names.
Just the jokes that we get to read on whatsup, in which they are shown down due to human look. Then there is an entry of love in his life, which changes the life of Bala. But the problem is that this love has started with a lie and often false relationships don’t last long.
What will happen now, when Bala‘s secret will come in the way of his love. Do human looks matter more than humanity? Will Bala be the hero of his life? And How a modest man would slap the mouth of people with small thoughts, the film has been written around it.
Look, the film’s agenda is very clear from the start. There are many social messages which have been tried to reach the people through the story. Then, whether it is about black whites or bald spindles, lies and truth or the real meaning of love, there is a lot that goes beyond a movie. Believe it or not there is a Bala hidden inside all of us.
The way in which a human‘s struggle is depicted in the film, It seems like we are all looking at our lives in the mirror. Have to praise the film’s maker who has put such a realistic film in front of us, whose part you become yourself and after 2 hours you go out as a hero of your real life. The way a middle class family is presented in the film, which takes the story very close to reality.
There is no attempt to show anything high and add extra spice, Which makes Bala stand apart from the rest of Bollywood films. But the film is completely serious, not at all. The story has been filled with all the comedy in its entirety.
Such jokes are heard which make us laugh from inside and shoo away the tension. Yes, but there is a problem as well, the language of the film becomes more frank somewhere, which can affect some people. If you have seen the trailer of the film, then you can understand where my gesture is.
The way Ayushmann Khurrana portrays the character of a straggling human in the film, he touches your heart. Whether there is a person named Bala in your life or not, after this film, Bala is going to make a special place in your life. The praise of Ayushmann Khurrana is less. He is an artist who forces you to be drawn towards him.
His acting is so natural that you forget, Are you watching a movie or listening to someone’s story in real life. Bhumi Pednekar and Yami Gautam have done a good job.
Despite the film being completely focused on Bala, both of them manage to make their own special place and complete Bala. This is an entertainment film in which the story is written keeping the content completely in the center along with the joke, which you must listen to. There are very few films that try to change your mindset, Bala is one of them. But if you like to watch a love story with a proper hero heroine, or a fan of action film, So Bala can bore you a little bit. By the way, it is not the dream world but the reality of our world is shown.

Bala : Movie Rating By Filmi Indian

From our side, 4 stars out of 5 for Bala, 1 star for the powerful social message, 1 star for Ayushmann Khurrana ‘s acting, 1 star for keeping the film very realistic, 1 star for the director of the film Joe Bala’s charector To a large extent in making it a reality.

Bala : Movie Talk About Negative

Talk to Negative then Half Star will be cut for the music of the film, because there is no song that we would like lukewarm. Half-star will be cut for similarity with a film like Ujda Chaman because there are some points which have been raised in the film. The decision is yours whether you would like to be a part of Bala’s life or will spend your money on films with big heroes. Thank You!


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