Chhapaak : (2020) Movie Trailer Review Introduction

Affection, passion, Love these are very great words. One feeling which can make someone’s life awry. It needs both people together to fulfill love. If you get positive response, then the one can take a trip to the heaven and one can fly without wings.
But if we get negative response then we should not wait at that stage, we should love forward. But unfortunately we live in such society where ‘no’ is not just a simple word, this word can make you hate the another person.
Chhapaak : (2020) Movie Trailer Review : Best and Honest Review
One word which can transform a human being into a wild animal. I feel ashamed that some people are so weak that they make someone’s life hell in terms of love and hatred.
Acid attack which some are using to spoil someone’s life  and they hide their criminal mind in the name of love. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Chhapaak

Chhapaak : (2020) Movie Trailer Story and Cast Explain

One actress from Bollywood who almost competes with all the male actors and who beats all the superstars with her fenomenous talent, who is Deepika Padukone. And if we talk about a director who always tries to make movies on real life events then we can always thought of Meghna Gulzar. Now these two super talented people are coming together to make unmask some people while look human from outside and devil from inside.
This time is based on an acid attacked survivor named Laxmi Agarwal who face acid attack at the age of 15 that too just for saying ‘no’. That same fake love which can destroy someones life, to fight with that is hard.
But Laxmi faught with that situation and she became a role model for world. In this film Vikrant Massy is playing role of Alok Dixit who is partner of Laxmi.
They both run a compaign named stock sell acid, in which they collect data form all over the world of acid attack victims and fight for them for justice.
Chhapaak is a not just a common movie or a story but it is an attempt will be made to show the life which, despite presenting thousands of challenges, has the strength to turn around and stand up and dare to find all the questions
There are some scary scenes that can blow your senses And can break you completely. Chhapaak is going to be a counting experience that will make you think how low the humans of the world can fall.
The biggest strenght of the trailer is the emotions which clearly indicate that the film is not going to be just for Entertainment.
This is going to be a lot more realistic disturbing than other Bollywood films. Will try to give a powerful social message which will do the work of removing the mind from the minds of those who think small, who judge a human being on his looks.
Shame on those people who make the mistake of showing themselves to others by showing shame to others.  The message of the film is going to be very clear. No one is as big with trouble as we make it when you try to elevate yourself from life with full force so the whole world together cannot let you down.
I would like to praise the producer of the film Personally, who has shown courage to put the important issue in front of the people. Often our aim deviates from the path of earning money.
And if people hide the mirror, then just wait for January. When Deepika aka Laxmi is going to change your life completely and give you a chance to be a better person.
But the film is going to be the biggest show, Ajay Devgan‘s film Tanhaji which will be released on the same date, January 10, 2020. It will be quite interesting to see who wins the battle in the battle of history and presence. Let us know which film you will prefer to watch. I would suggest you to watch both the movies than regretting afterwards. Thank You!


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