Contagion : (2011) Movie Introduction

A very wonderful word in our Hindi dictionary is “Ittaafak”, some such incident sometimes come into life, for those who understand the powers of the mind are also reduced. It just happens that it is as if everything is going on in the dream and reality has nothing to do with it.
Now you will be well acquainted with the corona virus, yes the same toothless monster who is bent on taking your life directly, leaving the heart and mind. The work that was not done by any dangerous war or war has been shown by a minor virus, but even more amazing thing is that this virus was predicted long ago. Nor did any Pandit, etc., but the film tried to warn the whole world about nine years ago, what are you thinking, do not worry, or worry about any conspiracy, you will get the answer soon. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Contagion (2011)”
Contagion : (2011) Movie : Best and Honest Review
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Contagion : (2011) Movie Story and Cast Explain

I am going to present a new article in which I am going to tell you everything about the film named Contagion. This is the first such film, which is not earned by box office or the goodness of cricket, but a virus has made it famous. Look, to understand the film completely, there are two words which mean that you should understand it in easy language.
The first is contagious, it is used with every disease that spreads through the touch of an object or human being. Another word is the virus is a dangerous organism which is of no use alone, but as soon as it gets a host, it can make thousands of viruses like itself and make it completely ill.
The story of the film is based on a disease that starts with a virus that is looking for a host for itself like a human being; he slowly starts losing his senses. It is entered with a slight fever and the straight body organ is stopped like a tit and in a few minutes of play, a very healthy person loses his life.
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The special thing is that the virus is not spread by flying in the air or floating in the water, but spreads from person to person. Shaking hands or touching something like a sick person has already touched such a mistake and you too can become a victim of this disease.
The twist in the story comes when the virus starts spreading from one person to another, not from one country to another, but not ten to fifteen but millions of people start dying slowly and there is chaos in the whole world. From America to China, from Australia to India, all the countries appearing on the map are arrested one after the other in this danger.
The biggest fear is that it is almost impossible to find a cure for this disease because this virus is much smarter than the human brain and keeps changing itself. Can a virus really be so powerful that it can play with the lives of humans or is there a conspiracy hidden under the guise of the virus using which people are being fooled?
The most important question is whether it is possible to defeat the virus which is working to remove one person from another and makes friends enemies of each other’s lives. Is the end of the world started? Or hope will outweigh the pain and we will all be able to return to the old normal life once again, the film Contagion works to answer all these questions.
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See, there is only one reason to consider the film to be special, its entire story matches with our present, the only difference is that the virus of that film had no name and today Corona has stood out at our doorstep to be a guest of our house.
From the dialogue of the film, every scene inserted in it has become our reality by coming out of the screen, whether it is to apply a mask on the face or a sanitizer to the hands.
To keep oneself away from others or to buy a whole month’s worth of goods, there is no difference even in the film and real world. Now I do not know how many chances this time can have, how the script of a film and immediately after nine years the incident can be connected to each other. Either the virus has become a fan of the Contagion film, or there is something black in the pulses and somewhere there is something that is being hidden from all of us normal people.
Incidentally, this may be the most accurate word, but if one of the hundred things gets out of the photo copy of each other, then understand that a person sitting on top is taking turns of both me and you.
The thing to learn is that the virus topic is explained in the film in a very precise way. No one can tell you better than what to do, what not to do. The film is not too long, it is just an hour and a half and you will become an expert in Corona.
What are you thinking about the film, if you want to find it, then the answer is “Amazon Prime”. Get ripped off and don’t make the mistake of missing the film and yes, be careful, whatever the story of the film is, in reality, we all have the full power to destroy the virus. Thank You!


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