Fast and furious 9 : F9 (2020) Introduction

There are some movies that we watch less than the brain and more than the heart. Some movies are related to our childhood and they play an essential role. Somewhere in our lives, they are on the top in our list of favorite movies, and also sometimes they brighten up our lousy mood as well.
Whenever we talk about some action and thriller movies, and movie’s full of action and dangerous stunts, one can never forget one name “fast and furious“.
Fast and furious 9 : F9 (2020) Trailer : Best and Honest Review
Fast and furious 9 (F9) Picture 1
But not only is this movie about stunts and action, but this movie’s special thing is that it reflex the message of ” family first” which explain us the importance of human relationship and the real meaning of sacrifice some were hidden between the storyline.
So get ready, this journey will come to you soon with full of action, full of emotion which will directly attack your heart. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Fast and furious 9 (2020)” also known as F9.

Fast and furious 9 : F9 (2020) cast and Story explain

This time this film is going to be more special because the concept of family first is not in the background but in the center, in which there will be a dangerous fight between two brothers. Dom‘s brother Jakob that is John Cena returns. There is something between Dom and Jakob, which leads Jakob to het his brother so much that he wants to kill him. Also, he is well known in car racing.
Most of the time the villain Fast & furious 9 is someone from outside, but what happens when the villain is someone from the family. The story becomes unpredictable and there is always a dangerous twist in the story. In short you won’t regret watching this film. Only by watching the trailer you will get to know that this movie is different from other action movies.
Fast and furious 9
Fast and furious 9 (F9) Picture 2
On the other side of the film, Dom‘s personal life is also been focused in which his proper family mainly focused where Dom, for the best life of his kids and family distances himself from car racing and other dangerous mission. But we have to see now for how much time he stays himself away from his passion that is car racing.
After watching the trailer you will get to know that the level of the film will be quite of upper level. To make the action more dramatic and thrilling this time in addition to car’s there are aircraft’s too.
Jakob is shown as the main villain in the trailer, but believes me as soon as you watch the movie you will get many surprises and also one of the secret you will get to know is that there is another villain. We will get a new born in the movie which will connect the Fast & furious 9 teams to each other. But there are chances that this time the sacrifice game will be stronger than ever which can affect many of the team members.
Fast and furious 9
Fast and furious 9 (F9) Picture 3
Now let’s talk about the moment which has made the trailer very special is the return of sung kang which has cross the excitement limit of fan’s. Now how is the return of sung kang possible as he was dead in the previous chapter. Now to get the answer to this question, we have to wait for the movie because being alive after death is just impossible.
As like always the background music give the different type of vine to the film which will make you jam on the music. Also, you will get goosebumps.
This time it would be difficult to watch this movie patiently. So fasten up your seatbelt as this Fast & furious 9 movie will give you chills this is going to ruin your slow-motion life and will actually pop up your excitement limit to another level. I will highly recommend you this movie if you genuinely love action, drama, thriller experience. Thank You!


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