Guilty : (2020) : Netflix : Introduction

Our Bollywood industry is considered very famous for two things all over the world. The first is the never-ending Napoleon factory, in which over-acting and zero talent are mixed together to produce waste actors.
The second is the power to waste completely by picking the best topics and inserting spices in it, in which no one can even touch Bollywood and now the godfather of nepotism, Karan Sir, by mixing the above things with each other, has created a slang in which sensitive issues like sex have also been blown apart.
Guilty : (2020) : Netflix : Best and Honest Review
A topic that might have the power to bring change in the entire industry has been left as a mere joke. But the surprising thing is that this fun is not laughable at all but you cry on your own luck. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Netflix Web Series review of “Guilty

Guilty : (2020) : Netflix : Cast and Story Explain

If you are watching the shows of Netflix, then you must have heard the name of ‘13 Reasons Why‘,  just by raising the base story line of the same show, a native version has been prepared by adding a temper of Indian factors to it. In which Kabir Singh‘s Preeti aka Kiara Advani has been given a chance to save her acting career.
The story of the film has been written in the name of a college named St. Martin, in which the staunch and indigenous language of children coming from the rich house and speaking in the native language has been put into focus.
One of them is a student named VJ, all college girls have crush on him and is considered a master at playing songs. The parents are very rich, so there is a lot of ash going on in life and the word name problem is far away from their dictionary.
Her girl friend is the most popular girl in college, Nanki, boys loses their heart at a glance, but she loves her Diary the most, in which she writes songs and poem. And the rest of the love loots over VJ. There is a twist in the story, a common girl student named Tanu who has come from a small city in Bihar and gives her heart to VJ. From joining the music group to getting a chance, it leaves no stone unturned to impress VJ. On the famous festival like Valentines, their life gets completely reversed. Ever since a campaign like Mee too puts a VJ-like rape on the inside of a campaign and shocks the whole college.
Can the boy from the most famous family of the college really commit a crime like a minor girl or is the story inside something different. Does Nanki dare to see the truth by taking off her love glasses. Who is guilty a boy or a girl? Film Guilty is here to answer all these questions.
Look, first of all I would like to ask Karan sir that where are the colleges where the dream world is going on. In which the boys are roaming in front of the teacher by lifting the girls and in the college party, the business of drugs is being done openly. Secondly, no matter how big the bank balance of the people who have been cast in the name of actors in the film, they have nothing to do with A of acting , E of expression and D dialogue.
No means money, will you send them to do surgery instead of doctor tomorrow or will they be recruited instead of pilot to fly the plane, let the Actors do the work of acting in the same way.
The screen play of the film is so confusing in which sometimes the past is inserted, sometimes the future is put in front and no one wants to talk about the present. When you have good topics like MeeToo, then use it properly so that people can put these things in front of the world with little avidity and openness. I pose this topic as a fear.
And behind the extravagant spice, the powerful story ulza from the poverty of lies to the game of lies and truth, Kiara Advani’s acting from above leaves you in no trouble to torture. Kabir Sing‘s hide is such a hobby on him that despite getting dialogue in this film, words are not coming out of his mouth and those who hear a little are not understood.
In short words, Netflix has moved towards waste and films like Guilty are going to be its biggest reason. Because they try to sell spices only in the name of content and nepotism is flagged in the name of acting.

Guilty : (2020) : Rating

From my side, Guilty got two stars out of five, one star for his slightly thrilling climax and one star for daring to show the concept on the big screen.
Talking about negative, one star will be cut for tremendous overacting of all actors, one star for poor direction and one star for mocking sensational issue like sex.


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