Joker (2019) : Movie : Best and Honest Review

We all have a bad habit, to live two lives at a time. One that we live for others and one that we hide from others and live only for ourselves. We all keep masks on our faces, due to which the truth hidden in us is not revealed to anyone.
But have you ever thought that if this mask goes away and you are completely free, then the pain inside you can ruin the whole world. Think of how scary it sounds to hear this, then after living it for two hours, what will be the effect in your mind. Hello friends, welcome to our Filmi Indian blog and movie review of Joker
Joker (2019) : Movie : Best and Honest Review
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Joker movie is a completely dark, Which can completely shake your mind. Maybe you go to the theater to watch a normal movie, But after two hours you will not be normal at all. The film is very disturbing and will make you think what is going on in the world, We are all heroes or villains. Violence in the film is shown a lot, So it is not good to see little children at all and keep the children away from the Joker movie. If you are a fragile person yourself, then read Joker’s comics. But stay away from this film.
And other important thing is the original story of Joker. This movie does not even have an action scene. If you are doing an expectation like a batman movie in this movie, So there is nothing like this in this film. But more than that, I will not tell you the details, otherwise, the whole fun of the film will get you messed up.
But one thing is guaranteed, If you are a fan of Joker then you will definitely get a satisfaction. Joaquin Phoenix is playing the lead character role in the film. His name in the film is Arthur Fleck. The one who acts as a Joker to make people laugh. Arthur’s other hobby is also to do stand up comedy, In which, he repeatedly fails completely.
Often people listen to Arthur’s jokes, Applause makes less and more fun. Arthur’s life is not normal at all with any angle. Arthur has some medical issues Because of which people consider them crazy and they keep taunting him on the matter. Sometimes it becomes so much that people give mental torture and beatings to Arthur.
The story of the film is based in Gautam City of the 1980s, Which is slowly changing a lot. People’s happiness in the entire city is disappearing a little. Those who are rich are becoming rich And the poor who are forced to die. Because of all these differences, hatred within people has increased a lot. People are trying to hide their grief by doing bad things to others.
People like Arthur suffer the most in this system, Which are very broken inside and all the fears from his mind are over. Just start from here Joker’s Who was hidden between the people. But now the situation is so bad, People start believing the negative character as their hero. Joker transcends human beings and becomes a thinking, Which has freed the hidden demal inside the people.
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The film is directed by Todd Phillips, Who has put a powerful film in front of you. In which you will be completely confused, Is joker a hero or a villain. Sometimes you will have pity on joker, sometimes you will hate him. Ever you like to be freedom like joker, If ever you see his hideous face, you will want to forget him completely.
The writer of the film has to be praised, Who wrote such a story. To whom you love or hate, But ignoring the Joker is absolutely impossible. Even though the film is only 2 hours long, But this film will follow you throughout your life. It is absolutely guaranteed that after watching the film your thinking is going to change to a great extent. The biggest plus point of the film is that It does not need fancy costume at all. The story line of the film is enough to move you inside. The emotional spice is added to the film, which makes the joker film stand apart from the rest of the movies. You will never see so much real and disturbing film in life.
Joker roll revived by actor Phoenix, He has overtaken other big movies. The way Phoenix laughs, weeps, walks, dances, Each of his movements Revive the film. There is very little such acting performance. Which you can directly call Oscar deserving. This time it is not possible to catch the Oscar from Phoenix. Apart from this, if you are a fan of Robert DeNiro, then in this film, a lot of surprises are going to come. Zazie Beetz has also given very strong performance, played a character named sophie, Which is a positive feeling throughout the film. The most different stand out Penny does is seen in Arthur’s mother’s character. His role is quite depressing which leaves a mark on your mind, Which is very difficult to remove.
But the x-factor of the film is that its music is quite dark And it fills your mind with fear. Meaning no matter how normal your life is, after listening to joker’s background music, your smile will disappear completely. If you want to watch a life changing movie that gives you 200 hours of entertainment in 2 hours And make a special space in your mind, which is impossible to replace, So don’t miss the Joker movie at all.


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