Love Aaj Kal : 2 (2020) : Movie Trailer Introduction

Pyar, Ishq and Mohabbat are all wonderful words. Sometimes you can bring a storm in your playing life, sometimes you have the power to feed a populous flower even in waste.
The need is for two people who think less than the mind and more than the heart. Do less of the world and more of your own self. Just think of talking about thing, your body starts to creep up. If you get a chance to feel it on the big screen, then you dream of flying in the sky without the help of wings, can complete.
Love Aaj Kal : 2 (2020) : Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review
But often when this love is put in the delicate hands of Bollywood, then forget the magic of love, except love in the film, you get to see everything else. New ways to earn money are tried, be a little shy and try to show people good cinema.
Romantic songs will be found without any love but you will also be forced to make emotional dialogs to send you to the rest. I get to read love but in the three minute trailer, love has completely disappeared. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie Trailer review of “Love Aaj Kal (2020)

Love Aaj Kal : 2 (2020) : Movie Trailer Story and Cast Explain

Exactly 10 years ago today, the film was released in 2009, Love Aaj Kal, which tried to put two types of love in front of us, a 60’s love in which love was won by breaking the rules of the past.
And a modern-day love in which people had to win before the world with their own hearts and after a huge pangs, the love had also got a destination and now in 2020 the film has been recreated but the concept of the film is the same is. The one with love is a ninety-one with respect for each other and the strength to fight the world is hidden.
Love Aaj Kal
Overall, all of our childhoods have been put on the screen. Another model is love in which people love each other. Go away but it has become a little difficult to express love Everyone is busy in their life, in such a situation, it is becoming impossible for many people to bear the burden of the relationship. The most amazing thing is that the director of the original film Imtiaz Ali is going to direct this film too.
Those who often speak in very loud voice without speaking the truth of the world from their films, then whether it is Tamasha, Highway or Rock Star, all these films rip your heart from inside.
But after watching this trailer, the horrific memories of their film Harry Met Sejal come back to your mind. The three-minute trailer looks very faded as much as the pairing of Kartik Aaryan and Sara is seen as magical in the photo.
Love Aaj Kal
Love is not a minor feeling anyway, if you want to reach it to people, then the dialogues should come out of the heart, in the trailer, apart from these two, Arushi Sharma is also seen who will try to put the love of earlier days in front of us.
At the same time, funny and straight forward style and try to steal the heart, now is the time. When you try something new, otherwise the competition has gone up a lot, Sara Khan is a great actress, but the freshness and newness that you often expect from her in this trailer is a bit of a miss.
Love Aaj Kal
The rest will be good if they get a chance to watch the film a little more, then you will be able to keep them in place of Deepika Padukone in the original film, so after watching the entire trailer, only one thing comes to mind, this Bollywood love, everything is a hoax. Go to the theater.
Fill their pockets because this is the chance to earn money, so just wait for the 14th of February, i.e. Valentine’s Day, when the love of the new age is released in theaters today and you can enjoy it this film with your love partner so it is fun to change somewhere in the sentence should take into account a little bit of that. Thank You!


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