Malang : (2020) Movie Trailer Introduction

Bollywood is infamous for often forcing worn-out stories repeatedly into films and lime loving people with great love. Sometimes in the name of big actors, your pocket is emptied, sometimes by remaking South films, all the money is earned.
But after waiting for many months and births, finally the trailer of such a film has been seen which assures that even today, a film can be made in Bollywood in the name of creativity and content.
Malang : (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review : By Filmi Indian
In 2013, there was a film Aashiqui 2, which had taught a lot to the loving people and raised the level of the love story quite high. Just next year in 2014, “Ek Villain” film was released which put a new type of thriller film in Bollywood in front of people, A person who enjoys killing people.
And now in 2020 Malang will be released which is going to be a mixer of both love and thriller. Meaning, Ishq and Mohabbat will be seen in it, this can prove to be very deadly. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie Trailer review of “Malang

Malang : (2020) Movie Trailer Story and Cast Explain

The story of four people who can kill people for need, for addiction, for habit or for just fun. The special thing is that these three films have been directed by Mohit Suri, who is often known for blowing people’s senses with his films.
Believe it, this time the Malang film is going to play with your mind completely, but one thing is guaranteed that the money will definitely be recovered. A love story is set in the center of the film, which has a lot of fun, weird ways to love and a lot of romance, a modern love story that we have often seen in Hollywood films.
But some psycho killers work to put suspense in it, which seems quite normal to see from outside but keeps planning to kill someone inside, there are some people who are masked on the face and hide the inner demons, they are the same devils.
The film’s biggest straight is going to be its casting in which a talented actor like Aditya Roy Kapur is fitted in the lead role. Truly speaking, he has brought freshness to the film, which has disappeared from Hindi films for quite some time. Who wouldn’t like a serial killer with good looks and a cool attitude?
Anil Kapoor is also going to play a negative role in the film, who is an honest police officer from outside, but he is also a vicious player with the mind and has become a habit of killing people. Just as no one can ascertain the age of Anil Kapoorji, similarly his intentions have not been much reveled in the trailer.
But the film may have a weak link Disha Patni, who has been put in a lot of focus in the trailer, but his acting skills are a little weak. Yes, but in the case of looks, there may be a fire in your heart. Like previous films, this time it will be good if Disha Patni is not killed at the end of the story.
The music has been made to make the trailer perfect, which always proves to be the backbone of Mohit Suri‘s films. Personally, if you ask me, I am not waiting for the film as much as it is for the music, whose title track is creating a ruckus in the trailer.
So just wait for 7 February, 2020, when the suspense of Malang will be placed in front of you in the theater but don’t take the mistake of taking this film lightly. It can be guessed from the trailer that the film story is going to be very clever and smart and can test your mind. Thank You!


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