Mardaani : 2 (2019) Movie Review Introduction

When we talk about out our country, we always exaggerate the things, we give examples of our culture, ethics. On the contrary, this is the country where we call goddess to ladies but we always see news about a lady being raped that too on front page.
Now you will say, why he is telling us this? I don’t look girls with that intention. Yes, you are absolutely right. But if we are not like those people, then why the crime rate is high? My question might hurt you.
Mardaani : 2 (2019) Movie Review : Best and Honest Review
In this week one powerful movie is released on such topic which will make us think about it. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Mardaani 2

Mardaani : 2 (2019) Movie Story And Cast Explain

Such powerful movie on the topic of women empowerment was released in 2014 also. Now Mardaani 2 is focused on rape cases and our weak law and system.
This film is a story of Shivani Shivaji named police inspector who always fight against bad things. She is Brave and intelligent too. If anyone does injustice to an anyone then she doesn’t think about law and rules, and she makes life of criminal hell. She has no fear of society and rules made by men. When time comes she became kalimata and Lakshmi.
The 2nd lead actor is psycho criminal, who kidnaps girl and then rape them followed by kills them. One wild animal who has no fear and who doesn’t understand the difference between wrong and right.
Who challenges police before attempting murder? One is fighting for people and other is attempting crimes for his own mental satisfaction. Now who will win? That that you got to watch Mardaani 2.
This film is disturbing, even though it is a story but we know this can be real also and then no Mardaani will come to help us. But we should appreciate this film for 2 reasons, one is they have expose the dirty game of society and another is the makers.
We feel good that where people are making money with movies, there are some makers who are still making movies on content base. This movie is female orientated, they have shown a strong and powerful woman, which can make viewers think differently. 
Rani Mukerji has given the best performance in this film. Her emotions will make you lover her. When you feel to salute some character of the film then you realize that this film is not only film but also it’s a magic.
But the X Factor of this movie is it’s villain. They have not revealed the character of villain in trailer. Believe me this film will make you shiver and may be you will get scared.
Frankly speaking Mardaani 2 is a special film, which you get to see after long period of time. A film which is not limited to a cinema but can change your real life also.

Mardaani : 2 (2019) Movie Rating

One advise for viewers, who is sensitive please do not watch this movie. Because some scenes can make you uncomfortable because it has lot of violence. Rani Mukerji gets one star out of five for her Powerful performance one star for real line story, one star for social message and on star for great editing. Thank You!


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