Neha Sharma : (2020) Illegal Voot : Introduction

Whether you accept it or not we humans are capable of living two different lives at a same time . One life’s blueprint is printed on our Face. Whether the second life is just printed on our mind which can be seen by ourself and not by others.
A simple but dangerous and thriller concept has already been revealed by a fantastic masterpiece show “Asur” which told us about the evil inside us . Now this series has again tried to depict the same concept in front of us. Name has been changed, the story is different, the faces are changed, but the identity remains the same. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Web Series review of “Illegal Voot
Neha Sharma : (2020) Illegal Voot : Best and Honest Review
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Neha Sharma : (2020) Illegal Voot : Important Thing

Now firstly and important thing, that you can watch this show on Voot Select. It has total 10 episodes of almost 25-30 mins. So if you have to watch the full show you will have to invest 5 hours of your day. Now this story revolves around a bunch of lawyers which are in a rat race to prove that they are above others . And just to win they don’t even care about the rules and regulations.

Neha Sharma : (2020) Illegal Voot : Cast and Story Explain

Now there is a lawyer named Niharika (Neha Sharma) which is labelled as insane by the whole city. The reason behind this is that she always raises her voice against injustice and never steps her foot aside of the path of justice, without even thinking about her career. Then there is entry of Janardhan Jetley in her life which is known as number 1 lawyer of the country.
He is also famous because of his habit of never losing a single case. But there is a second face of Jetley sir which is not known to the world. He not only plays the game of justice inside the court but also outside it.
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After all what was the reason because of which Maher killed her own family. What happens with her in jail that she want death sentence instead of imprisonment? Who is innocent between Vartika and Niraj? Did Niraj really raped Vartika or is it just a intrigue made using girl vs boy angle?
Second case is about a sensitive issue like sex, in which the son of a well know businessman is suspected to have raped a common girl working in a bar. The only proof of this incident is the mark of cigarette. Will Niharika (Neha Sharma) agree to fight both these cases or is there something which is kept hidden from Niharika and us as well?
Niharika starts to work under Janardhan Jetley for innumerable big cases, then comes a twist in the story. First case is about a serial killer in which the family members are killed by poisoning them, and she is behind the bars waiting for her death sentence. But the problem is in our country women’s are never hanged.
I must say the concept of this show is really amazing. The story is new and the suspense is really thrilling. But the way all the scenarios are joined, I. e the execution part is poorly done and it will make you fill like you just wasted your five hours.
Now the biggest questions is that will Niharika ever see the real face of Janardhan Jetley and will she raise her voice against him or will Janardhan make her his hand poppet? Web series “illegal voot” answer all of these questions.
neha sharma
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The manin falt is of the director which tried to recreat a masterpice show like Asur, because the way he joined the different scene of the series in such a slow way that you will think what real happened. Once step ahead of the director are the actors of this show who did as much as overacting as possible.
By looking at their performance you will say that we are actully looking at a bunch of robots with zero amount of experience, zero amount of emotions, no proper way of talking and are just reading out the dialogues given in the script.
In short, lllegal voot looks like a photocopy of Asur. But in actul it is just like a plain paper, which is of no use for a reader. They have just stretch a 5 minutes storyline upto a five hours show.

Neha Sharma : (2020) Illegal Voot : Ratings

According to me l’ll give lllegal Voot 2 stars out of 5, one for a strong concept and one star for a bit of suspend and thrill which is lost somewhere afterwards.
Now talking about the negative of Illegal Voot, then one star should deducted because of immense over acting, one star for poor direction and one star for poor scripting of dialogues which has very low amount of emotions.


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