Paatal Lok (2020) : Web Series Paatal Lok : Introduction

A very famous song is there, Duniya banane wale kya tere Mann me samayi kahe ko duniya banayi. Although the question is quite legitimate and necessary, but in our busy life, we never get free time to find the answer. But now such a show has come in the market, which has divided the whole world into three parts.
God sits in heaven and runs the world, humans are the servants of God on earth and in the last, the insects of the Hades who sometimes bite humans, may be God is afraid of them. What are you thinking, which of these three are you, don’t worry, you will get answers to all the questions. Just keep the heart a little stronger and the mind a little opener, because today the mask is going to be removed from many faces. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Web Series review of “Web Series Paatal Lok (2020)
Paatal Lok (2020) : Web Series Paatal Lok  : Best and Honest Review
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Paatal Lok (2020) : Web Series Paatal Lok : Two important things

First of all, there are two important things to know about. First of all you can see this show on Amazon Prime, Total is 9 episodes which is 40-45 minutes long. If you want to settle the show in a single day, then you have to sacrifice about 7 hours. The second is that Paatal Lok is an 18+ show, in which you will get to see everything from market to abuse, adult scenes and many things that you would not like to see with the family, if you made a mistake, then later your face turned red like tomatoes.

Paatal Lok (2020) : Web Series Paatal Lok : Cast and Story Explain

This time the story is associated with the planning of the murder, who are going to fall prey to the famous TV anchor of the news channel Sanjeev Mehra, whom you can consider a God sitting in heaven who rules the media world. They are very forward in raising voice against the government across the country, due to which they often get trolling and threats of life on social media.
The connection of planning is connected with 4 strange people who have a lot hidden in them which has forced them to become a worm of Paatal Lok. The first is an unranked boy named Tope Singh who is spending a normal life in his village hiding in Delhi after cutting 3 people with a knife. The second Kabir who describes himself as a Hindu, but the M behind the name and his way of speaking is pointing to some conspiracy.
The third is Merry who is determined to prove her innocence and is clearly refusing any connection with the other three. The fourth and most dangerous one is Vishal Tyagi, a dangerous gangster who comes on top in the most wanted list of UP Police and his most favorite weapon is Hathoda which has killed 45 people so far.
Paatal Lok
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Between Sanjeev Mehra and the planning of these four, a minor police inspector named Hathi Ram wants to prove his ability in the police department by solving the case as soon as possible.
The twist in the story comes when Hathi Ram‘s hands seem to have some evidence that connects the case’s connection with some of the rich businessmen and powerful politicians running the country.
After this, Hathi Ram is cleverly removed from the case and the entire jazz investigation is handed over to the CBI. By making a concocted and false story in front of people, the government proves to be the hero of the public, in which words like humanity and justice are cut off.
Will Hathi Ram go against the system and the government and find out the real motive behind the case? Will it be the biggest mistake in their lives, then screwing with the big leaders and money, are the insects of Hades a reality as perilous and dangerous as we are told, or are these insects used to play with the minds of the people only to shine the name of the government?
The biggest question is who is the mastermind of Sanjeev Mehra‘s death story? A Politician Terrorist Either Businessman. Who will benefit the most? Answering all these questions, the web series Paatal Lok.
Look, the biggest feature of the show is hidden in the stories put in its background, from insects to humans and humans to heaven, God works to connect the three. The past of Hathi Ram, present of Sanjeev Mehra and most powerful stories of 4 insects who have been arrested from Paatal Lok. With the help of the story of these four, the best game of suspense and mystery has been played in the series.
Paatal Lok
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Some of the Controversy topics have also been kept open in front of them without fearing that even talking about it is a bit scary in the real world. How are people divided using Hindu Muslims and later they are deflated in the name of politics.
Once upon a time, the media, called the hero of our country, has now become a selling side actor and makes his bid daily for money and the helpless police system of the country which has become a puppet in the hands of the powerful people of the bus government.
All this has been presented in a simple way, which will only be on the cheek of those people, then they run their shop in the business of hate, do you know that after watching this show, they will get a little shame and wisdom. It is a matter of shame that then Amazon Prime should also give more opportunities to actors like Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi and Abhishek Banerjee who have given a tremendous acting inside web series Paatal Lok instead of a headless show like Four More Shots.
But the xfactor of the show proves to be a special bond of love between the animal and the animal that turns the whole story and Paatal Lok‘s respect doubles in your eye and yes the whole show is only about politics It is not like that at all. The father-son and husbund-wife relationship has also been tried to parellel in the story in which you understand the true value of the family.
Web series Paatal Lok is a powerful show that perhaps has the full power to compete with famous series like Sacred Games and Mirzapur, and also engages with contractors in the so-called cold country.

Paatal Lok (2020) : Web Series Paatal Lok : Rating

From my side web series Paatal Lok got 4 stars out of 5, 1 star for fresh and unique story line, 1 star for straight hearted dialogue, 1 star for all actresses’ dangerous acting performance and 1 star series without spices To keep it 100% real. Talking negative then half star will be cut for a little slow build up which costs almost 3-4 episodes and half star for forced adult scene which was not needed at all in the story and even without these could have happened.


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