Panga : (2020) Movie Trailer Introduction

From childhood, two things are carefully explained to us, first of all, if we want to be alive in this world, then it is necessary to breathe and second, if mankind has to be run properly then it is most important to respect women. The sad thing is that the first one does not forget us and the second one is probably forgotten.
A woman whom people believe to be the form of God is often confined to the kitchen in the house or is sent to another house by marriage. It is very far away from studies, writing, jobs, etc.
Panga : (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review
But there are some people who dare to dream and get fight for their rights from all over the world. Then whether the people are outside or the housemates themselves, the battle always crosses.
Kangana Ranaut is one such actress, she is tried to suppress a lot in Bollywood. Because they have nothing to do with nepotism, their surname is not either Kapoor or Khan, but the talent is so much that even big producers are forced to give up in front of them.
This time too, a similar story is going to be brought before us which matches his real life to a great extent. Gives people the freedom to dream and also motives to take away their rights from the world.  Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie Trailer review of “Panga ”

Panga : (2020) Movie Trailer Story and Cast Explain

In the story of the film, a sport named Kabaddi was put into focus, which we often associate with boys but the biggest twist of the story is that the film has been written around a female kabaddi player. Pairing a girl with Kabaddi seems like a lot of trouble, so really think it is going to be quite impossible to make her come true.
The biggest question is the same old, what will people say that it is right to give this kind of relaxation to the girl, do you consider yourself a Britisher? Etc… The message of the film is very clear, if you dream, you will have to mess up, but there is no need to mess up alone. As long as your family is standing with you, fight together and keep moving small minded people in the soil.
The X Factor of the film is going to be proved, its long wide Talent-filled Starcast, in which you will get to see film Badhaai Ho‘s Neena Gupta. Richa Chadha of Gangs of Wasseypur will also be found. Punjab superstar Jassi Gill will also meet and in the last, Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut will be found.
The best part of the trailer is that in the way Kangana Ranaut has completely covered her character, after that you will not be seen anywhere in the film. Jaya Nigam is seen in the film who dares to dream and can bow the world to her insistence.
I have to praise the film makers who have not tried to make “Panga” a hi-fi film, but the story has been picked up from inside a middle class family With which we can all relate, otherwise the films of Bollywood are often so fake that even the shadow of truth is not seen in them.
From the trailer, you can understand that the film will try to raise the girl power quite high, so in reality it has remained subordinated. No matter how bitter it may sound, but all of us girls have become victims of small and poor thinking.
On one hand we talk about equality and even today, films are made in the name of the hero and female actors are caught three to four dialogues and one item song. Thankfully, actresses like Kangana are present in the industry who have the courage to run films on their own.
But there is a film in Kangana‘s way that can prove to be a big danger, Street Dancer 3D which is to be released on 24 January 2020 on the same day. On one side there is girl power, on the other side there is India-Pakistan and dance formula and there are also actors with nepotism. It will be quite interesting to see who falls on whom.
You must definitely comment that this time you will support Kangana‘s dreams or you will buy a ticket from a fake patriotic shop in the name of dance. Thank You!


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