Panga Movie : (2020) Introduction

If I ask you, which is the most difficult and dangerous job in this world? Some will say doctors because they have to work round the clock; some will say Army because the responsibility of the country falls on them, and some will say Netagiri because accusations malign your name.
But even more hard work and danger have to be taken. A mother who has full responsibility for her family has to take the children on the right path.
Panga Movie : (2020) : Kangana Ranaut : Best and Honest Review
Otherwise, people will make many accusations. and she has to be vigilant for twenty-four hours, do not know when to get to the order for making the food and what the mother gets in return for this job, not even salary, Respect sometimes yes or sometimes no and no award at all.
Have you ever thought that this mother will have some dreams to try to make a different identity, which we all might have overlooked, but now the time has come to rectify our mistakes and experience a film which is not only It makes you aware of the importance of the mother, rather also gives you the courage to fulfill unfulfilled small dreams in life. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Panga Movie (2020)

Panga Movie : (2020) Story and Cast Explain

Queen Kangana Ranaut of Bollywood has returned once again with a story that will not be seen to shine and is not trying to show off the frivolous Heropanti, only the tremendous content that will give the action of Bollywood star kids and can hide the films of famous producers in its shadow.
If I speak in easy language, do not make any mistake in considering Panga as a weak film. Otherwise, you will miss watching such a film, which takes less of the brain and more of the heart. Finally, if you pass or fail, it will be very important to see the result.
panga movie
The story of the film is written on the name of a national kabaddi player named Jaya Nigam, who runs away from Kabaddi in the guise of taking care of his family and becomes a mother and wife, losing the identity of a player.
But just as it is impossible to keep a mother away from her children, it is very difficult to keep the game away from the heart of a player; from here, the twist starts in the film.
When, despite the married life, Jaya dreams of playing Kabaddi for the country and in the film, there is an entry of Jaya’s family, who seems to be quite modest and ordinary from outside but based on the family’s high thinking, Jaya starts to move towards fulfilling her dream.
A special relationship in which the rules and regulations of society are kept very low, and humanity is kept on top. Will a middle-age woman be able to match with girls of the new age.
Does a mother also have the right to live life for herself, a society in which girls are confined to the kitchen only, will Jaya be able to fight for her right there? The film Panga works to answer all these questions.
panga movie
The Panga movie has been directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, who has previously screened realistic films like Bareilly Ki Barfi and Nil Battey Sannata. Some stories that we all face one day in our life and believe it, Panga goes ahead of his previous films and not only keeps the reality in front of us but also shows the mirror to the society which discriminates between boy and girl and often shows fear of society by covering up the talent.
The specialty of the film is hidden in small moments in which the best acting is seen, and the heart-rending dialogues also reach the ears. Without saying anything, a lot of questions are fired on your thinking, in which you may find yourself in an affair to find answers.
When Kangana Ranaut is in the film, raising questions in acting is equal to sin. Frankly speaking, her acting is so good that you come close to the dreams hidden inside him under his pretext, which perhaps fits perfectly in the character of Jaya, which was left behind with time. A middle-class mother, wife, and kabaddi player meets all three responsibilities equally and win your heart.
Jassi Gill brings freshness to the story, which saves the film from getting a bit slow in the middle. Richa Chadha‘s role is less but she will definitely impress you. But the film’s x-factor is Neena Gupta, whose performance is superb and she can relive childhood memories with her mother and she can relive your childhood memories with your mother. Yes, but the film is a little predictable.
panga movie
The story is motivating, but it is a little easier to guess where it will start and where it will end. Nothing is new, Seeing which will blow your senses. If you compare Panga with Chak De India type films, then the story will feel a little weak and suspense is not special, which should be waited till the last scene.
In short words, Panga movie is not an Extraordinary film that you have never heard of before, but despite having heard the story of the film, you have the power to make so many emotions feel that can make a difference in the film screen and reality.  
Yes, but if you are a fan of fast running action type movies, then you will not find anything like this, but Panga film is motivating. There is a family entertainer that you can enjoy with family, but don’t expect too much suspense.

Panga Movie : (2020) Rating By Filmi Indian

From my side, Panga movie has been given three and a half stars out of five, one star for the powerful acting of Kangana Ranaut, one star for the finest selection of supporting cast of the film, one star for Ashwini‘s direction which took both Kabaddi and motherhood together is moving. And a half star, for the emotional dialogue of the film that plays with your heart.

Panga Movie : (2020) About Negative

Talk about negatives, a star will be cut for a slightly predictable storyline in the film, and half-star Will be cut, for not showing sports like Kabaddi openly in the film, which could possibly bring Panga closer to films like Dangal. Thank You!


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