Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) movie Introduction

There are very few actors in the Indian film industry whose films, story, content and acting are better than all of them, just to see it, there is a lot of stardom and love of the fans, due to which the actors turn from superstars to megastars.
Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) movie : Best and Honest Review : filmi indian
I am talking about Rajinikanth sir, one of the biggest names in the Indian film industry, who always gives great gifts to his audience through his films and makes the release date like a festival. Such a celebration is seen in the theater, in front of which even the sound of the biggest firecrackers proves to be pale.
Rajini Sir has returned once again with a film which also has a lot of action, entertainment and comedy and there are many serious issues in the centre which we often get to read in the newspaper headline. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Darbar

Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) movie Story and Cast Explain

The story of the Darbar film is written by Aadithya Arunachalam. a police commissioner who badly beat up a big gangster. Their fear is so much, even the greatest rogue comes out to arrest himself. Be it the drug dealers who ruin the youngsters or the masterminds trafficking girls, all fail before the commissioner.
To say that they are caught in the rule and regulation of the police, but their style is slightly different, they are equal to the gods for good people and for evil people, they become monsters. In such situation, a powerful gangster named Hari Chopra enters his life, who directs the police to hell and wants to spread his fear in Mumbai.
Now who will win in the battle of cross, Rajinikanth sir or that gangster who is an enemy of the life of policemen due to personal enmity. Is Aadithya Arunachalam really the hero of the story or is there a hidden secret agenda that they are trying to hide, the film Darbar works to answer all these questions.
Often a sharp-minded person is put into a police dress, which is quite clever and devilish inside and selectively beats villain. My point is towards Salman Khan‘s film Dabangg, whose third part was released last month. If you compare the story of Dabangg with Darbar, then the whole similarity will come out very easily. The only difference is that Salman Khan was there, so here is the mega star Rajinikanth sir.
The level of the film has been raised a bit, Salman Khan was a police officer in Dabangg and Rajinikanth Sir was shown as the police commissioner in the film Darbar, but the formula is outdated, causing the film Darbar magic to wander a bit.
Speaking in easy language, you are not going to get anything unique on the name of the content in the film. You have heard and seen such stories before but despite that Rajni sir‘s stardom makes the Darbar stand above the rest of the films.
The film’s director A.R. Murugadoss, who has directed special films like Ghajini (2008), Thuppakki (2012) and Holiday (2014), but in the Darbar it seems as if he is buried under the pressure of an expectation, due to which the film misses a bit from being perfect.
Nayanthara looks quite fresh as always and leaves her pleasure in the film. It is fun to watch Nayanthara‘s comedy and romance with Rajinikanth sir and also get a break from the action in between.
Sunil Shetty looks powerful in the negative character, his role in the story is important but the focus of the film is placed on Rajinikanth sir, due to which he gets little chance to showcase the talent. Sunil Shetty has been tried to show dangerous but you are not afraid of them at all.
If you are a fan of Rajinikanth sir, then Darbar film is not less than a treat for you. His strong avatar will be seen in the film, which specializes in action and selectively pits enemies and is perfect in a fearless style.
But if you are going to the theater looking for strong content and unique storylines, then you can be a little bit discouraged, so having more expectations than the film can break your heart.

Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) movie Rating By Filmi Indian

From Filmi Indian, Darbar has got two and a half stars out of five, one star for Rajni sir’s powerful performance, one star for the innovative and mass action scenes put in the film, and half-star for highlighting issues like drugs and trafficking.

Rajinikanth : Darbar : (2020) About Negative

Talk about negative, one star will be cut for a repetitive story line, one star will be cut for week direction and half a star will be cut to drag the film a little longer. Thank You!


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