Sooryavanshi : (2020) Movie Trailer Introduction

Sometimes there is a doubt that iron man is not real, etc. But if I ask you, do you think a film like Avengers can be made in India? You will say what kind of joke is Hollywood technology and Bollywood’s nepotism. Just dreaming is a waste of time and heartbreak. 
Sooryavanshi : (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review
Wait, go out and think again, because there cannot be a hole in the sky in the same way, but a stone is bouncing well then is there any evil in it? In the same way, such a franchise is going to be started in Indian cinema, which has the same superhero movie-based emotions, there are also action scenes to create colour, and yes there will be humans flying in the sky. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie Trailer review of “Sooryavanshi (2020)

Sooryavanshi : (2020) Movie Cast and Story Explain

This time in the film, you are going to see not one, not two, but three super cops, after which Singham and Simba are going to enter Sooryavanshi too. The only difference is that Simba and Singham’s fight was a little personal but Sooryavanshi ‘s battle is going to be quite international.
This time in the story, a sensitive issue like terrorism has been put into focus, so that we are fighting a battle not only in films but also in the real world. A dangerous story line has been prepared by basing some real life incident in Mumbai. Akshay Kumar, who is guaranteed to hit films, will be seen playing the lead in the film, who is going to play the character of Mumbai Police’s brave Police Officer.
He will be one of those special patriots who think of the country before their own lives and family wellbeing and spend their entire lives in the name of the country without expecting anything in return.
Looking at the action scenes put into the trailer, it can be guessed that the film is going to be a mass entertainer in its entirety, whose biggest objective will be to bring a smile on the face of the people.
Of course, this may be the new world record for whistles and applause in theatres this time, but along with entertainment, there is a social message hidden in this story whose direct connection is associated with discrimination in the name of religion.
One of the biggest lies will also be veiled, which only allows people to degrade them on the basis of the surname behind the name and a dirty game of religion is played against innocent people against each other.
The director of the rest of the film is Rohit Shetty, so you understand that cars, helicopters, Akshay Kumar will complete the journey from ground to sky. Just don’t come in the middle of science now, because while watching the Avengers we ignore it very cleverly, then it is wrong to discriminate against Indian films.
After a long time, the pair of Akshay and Katrina are about to return and the bonding of both of them looks very special in the trailer. Katrina will act as an emotional addition to the film and there may be a big twist in Sooryavanshi ‘s life that has been cleverly disappeared in the trailer.
I found the casting of the negative characters cast in the film personally quite fun with Jacky Shroff going to be the leader of Villain and a talented actor like Niketan Dhir to cast along with him.
It seems that this time the fight will be beyond, it will be very interesting to see how much importance is given to Ranveer and Ajay Devgn in the film. The story of the film is sure to revolve around the Sooryavanshi  but it is difficult to ignore Simba and Singham.
There is just one small complaint, this film has computer effects, which could have been made a little more realistic because money is being spent then do a little more, so that our Indian films also get a chance to come closer to Hollywood someday.
But one of the fears that haunts me the most is that Karan Sir’s connection with the film and you know that Karan Sir can make stones even by touching gold. So just wait for the 24th March, 2020 when Akshay Saheb is going to reduce your bank balance once again and give you another blockbuster film in the theatre.


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