Street Dancer 3D : (2020) Movie Introduction

Dance is such a word that some people start to move the body in a strange tune as soon as they hear it, Some people start humming in their mind, and some people attack with gestures in close gesture.
Overall, dance means freedom. With his mind, with his body, such a feeling in which a man can lose both senses and zeal and that too with happiness. Then you call him crazy or Sarfira, he starts enjoying the real life, but a famous saying has been written about this dance, “ Nach na jane Angan Teda’’
Street Dancer 3D : (2020) Movie : Best and Honest Review
Speaking in easy language, if you are not successful in doing something, then do not put the blame on yourself and put it on the rest of the world and save yourself from infamy, In the same way, director Remo D’Souza, who created a masterpiece film like Race 3, has come up with a film that has a dance in its name but its courtyard is full Crooked. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of “Street Dancer 3D

Street Dancer 3D : (2020) Movie Story and Cast Explain

In 2019, I had an incident called Kalank film, after which I started appreciating my life, and there was some happiness in my heart that what could happen in this bad life. But no, after seeing the Street Dancer 3D today, I realized that in the heaven and hell that we talk about, heaven is not known, but hell exists on this earth, and today I have seen it for two hours.
What do you think is the most important thing to make a film? No story, no acting at all, cannot be dialogues, please do not joke, tell me something else, Item songs yes Now you come on the line, Much money is required to make a film, and to sell that story, some actor whose name has a famous surname attached to it. Hey, I am talking about Nepotism, whose Bollywood has become our victim.
street dancer 3d
The story of the street dancer is also something that has been directed by a choreographer; the dancers are doing the work of acting and the actress who is trying to dance. When the street in the name of the film does not get you from searching for a full two hours and two seconds, then understand that you have been lime with love.
The story that has survived has been hit with fours and sixes in which the front team, i.e. we lose the match without playing, and a little hard-earned money is also wasted.
The story of the film has been written by two characters named Sahej and Inayat. Hindustan resides in the heart of one, then the other moves around with Pakistan in its chest. The two do not get along at all, and on small things, the nozzle also keeps going. But the work of connecting these two is the dance, for which both of them go crazy.
If someone tries to degrade another, then someone is seeking satisfaction in his mind. Anyway, when it comes to India and Pakistan, often, the fight becomes across.

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Twist brings the dance competition in the film, in which the best dancers from all over the world come face to face, and everyone is looking at all the money and the glowing trophy. Apart from this, there is another angle that works to connect people of different religions and different countries with each other and try to put the human flag at the top of the story.
street dancer 3d
Now, who will win in the war of India Pakistan?  Will Sahej and Inayat‘s enmity ever change in love? Who is going to win the dance competition’s trophy and which secret is Prabhudeva sir hiding in the film, the film Street Dancer 3D works to answer all these questions.
Khichdi is prepared in the name of the story in the film, which has patriotism; India is Pakistan, rich-poor is also an angle, there is also a love triangle, and to connect them all, dance has been put in the middle.
There is no logic; there are no sequences, which you can understand, meaning that the emotions of the film will not be reached, an attempt has been made to force things on you.
There is neither love, nor anger, nor hatred, nothing. Whereas earlier films like ABCD, we have made the dance feel like a feeling, but the street dancer looks like a cheat in front of it.
Looking at Varun Dhawan, it seems as if he has not come out of the Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania story yet, while we have already seen nine of his ten films in a childish and funny style. In 2019, he had planted Kalank to Bollywood, and In 2020, Varun Dhawan is going to fill your mind with a fear dance.
Shraddha Kapoor’s style is different, to say that the film has a dancer. But looking at her, one remembers the child who went to school doing everything with fear of Teacher. In the same way, there is more fear and less confidence in their dance.
But the hidden star of the film is Nora Fatehi, who has showcased the amazing dance moves film. Some dance steps will make you think that the word which is Gravity is real, or it is a show.
Man speaking in short words, wasting your time on Street Dancer can be your biggest mistake, and if you too have not come out from the shock of Kalank like me, then you will stay away from this film. Yes, but if you are fond of watching dance in which you get to see the dance step of Hawa Hawai, then you will definitely see. But don’t expect from the story, or else you will feel cheated. Watch the dance, play applause, and try to come home.

Street Dancer 3D : (2020) Movie Rating By Filmi Indian

One and a half stars out of five for the movie Street Dancer 3d from my side., for the Impress dance put in a star film that can really blow your senses and for the half star Nora Fatehi who has made her mark in a film for the first time.

Street Dancer 3D : (2020) About Negative

Talk about the negative, and one star will be cut for the over-acting of Varun Dhawan, and Shraddha Kapoor, one star for the wasted and nonsensical storyline, one star for the meaningless dialogues inserted in the film and half star will be cut for India Pakistan Angle, which was not needed in the film at all. Thank You!


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