Street Dancer : 3D Movie Trailer Introduction

India and Pakistan are two words that have a lot of emotions and feeling associated with them, but when these two are used together, there is surety to be a hurdle. People get carried away in emotions and often the matter gets out of hand.
The rest of Bollywood is famous for raising some such topics, with the help of which innocent people are easily put to lime and a lot of money is earned in return. You would think that it is not so easy, we also have brains inside us.
Street Dancer : 3D (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review
Hey, come with the topic of patriotism. I can bet that, People will not mind the story, acting and writing. As long as the dialogue on the name of the country continues in the film, the Bollywood shop will never be closed.
Just such a film is going to come in the market in which the same India- Pakistan formula will be used in front of people in the name of dance which makes the stadium full in cricket matches, and theaters at the time of the film. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie Trailer review of “Street Dancer 3D

Street Dancer : 3D (2020) Movie Story and Cast Explain

In 2013, a film named ABCD came which gave dance in Bollywood a new identity. Just after the film became a hit, the film sequel started. In 2015, ABCD 2 was released which set new records of earnings. Just following that film, the third film has also been put in front of the people, in which the hero heroine is the same old, just this time a new patriotism has been added to the story.
See when you can get an idea of the entire three-hour film by watching the three-minute trailer, and then understand that you are going to get a huge zero in the name of story and creativity in the film. When the film is named Street Dancer, there is no chance to see even a glimpse of the street in the entire trailer, then to expect sensible content from the film is like breaking the stars from the sky.
There is no need to apply mind if you speak in easy language. The story of the film has been written by the dance competition in which Varun Dhawan is going to participate on behalf of India and will try to win the trophy for country.
Street Dancer
He is going to face Shraddha Kapoor who is going to participate from the neighboring country. You know, when India and Pakistan come face to face, then people get a different passion. Anyway who likes to lose in front of neighboring country.
But a twist has also been put in the film, which makes the two countries stand together in the last and together we throw the British to dust. According to Varun Dhawan, if there is a film equivalent to Dilwale Inception, then Street Dancer should get an Oscar.
Has anyone seen a film with such a story till date?  How can you forget Nora Fatehi , her job is to show her dance moves in any patriotic film and intensify people’s heart beats.
See, when you make a choreographer the director of a film, and then only dance will be seen in the film instead of dialogues. Remo D’Souza is not responsible for the film’s story, he has gone a step ahead and is able to act as a dancer and you have been questioning them ever since. why are you guys so fast man? Don’t worry Geeta Maa will also come in the next part.
Street Dancer
The good thing about the trailer is that the dance in the film is going to be very fun. Varun, Shraddha everyone are seen flying in the sky along with the land. Apart from these, the film also has talented dancers like Dharmesh and Salman. So you can guess that dancing is going to be very powerful, which can remind you of the TV show (Dance India Dance).
A lot of comedy will also be seen in the film as Varun Dhawan promises to entertain people in his film always. Get ready to listen to some very school jokes that have already been heard in hundred or two hundred films. The rest Prabhu Deva sir will handle there is nothing to worry about.
So just wait for the next season of Dance India Dance to be seen on 24 January 2020, just a little swapping in the name. Varun and Shraddha are supposed to keep India and Pakistan face to face and after the Race 3 film, Remo Sir is about to hit the entry in your life again. Thank You! 


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