Tanaji Malusare (2020) Movie Introduction

Since childhood, we have been listening to the story of some people who, with their bravery, have made a special place in the history of our country, there are some such stories of valor which will give Goosebumps on your whole body and the heartbeat is intensified even by the storm.
Those who fall in thick books about great war and battle, it is not only won in the name of King Maharaja, but behind it the sacrifices of thousands of brave warriors are hidden.
Tanaji Malusare (2020) Movie : Best and Honest Review : Ajay Devgn
Those who put their country and their God before their family and their own lives, but there is a very famous saying that identity is only given to the one whose name is at the top, many of the papers are buried in the bottom pages.
In the same way, there are some unsung warriors of history who made a drop of their body in the name of soil of country but it is our misfortune that we remain unaware of their name till date but the film was released in Bollywood finally, they have kept a hero in front of us.
Who had given happiness to his people by playing on his life and had a strong slap in the mouth of the enemies. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie review of Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020).

Tanaji Malusare (2020) Ajay Devgn’s Movie Story and Cast Explain

The story of the film is based on a famous battle in the Seventeen Century in which the army of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj faced the enemies of the Mughal Empire. In the film, Ajay Devgan is seen playing the character of Tanhaji ( Tanaji Malusare ), who used to be the leader of the army of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at that time, and on the strength of his bravery, he raised the flag of Marathas very high in the sky.
The battle of Sinhagad is also considered very dangerous because the Mughal Empire Aurangzeb had cleverly pitched against another Hindu, in which Udaybhan Rathod’s character Saif Ali Khan is playing, he had to face Tanhaji.
To explain in funny terms, this Jung was like a surgical strike in which the Marathas attacked Kondhana Fort at the behest of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj after which the Mughal who dreamed of making his state across the country quietly returned back.
tanaji malusare
Look Tanhaji ( Tanaji Malusare) is not a minor film at all, there are some emotions and historical facts associated with them, after watching which you heartily salute the makers of the film and are forced to clap for all the actors connected with the film. 
Try to explain you in easy language, Om Raut, who is the first detector of the film, has put the historical facts on the screen in such a wonderful way that after seeing it, you feel proud to be associated with this country.
Otherwise you know that Bollywood’s most favorite job is to tamper with the facts and completely ruin the good story line by adding extra spice to the film just to make money.
tanaji malusare
But thanks to Om Raut, who has put Tanhaji ( Tanaji Malusare ) on the screen without any tempering and has shown the courage to pull the audience towards his film only on the basis of truth, No extravagant songs, no fashion shows, nor any extravagant drama have been tried.
The second feature is the starcast associated with the film which has been tested and fitted into the role. Ajay Devgn is an expert player of this game anyway. In which character they cast, take out the form of the same and force you to come into his world.
Kajol’s role is a little small, but don’t make the mistake of considering them weak. When she comes to the screen, she brings a zest and sparkle with her, which adds a different type of color to the story.
tanaji malusare
The biggest influence in the film is by Saif Ali Khan, who is completely entrenched in the negative character and his acting seems so natural and you are forced to hate him throughout the film.
The action sequences put into the film are also amazing, your heartbeat keep going up and down. The climax of the film is so strong that some people may get stuck by falling between the excitements. But the X factor of the film has proved to be the supporting actress cast in it, which really completes the film.
Sharad Kelkar looks very good in the role of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Malcolm (Luke Kenny) of Sacred Games opens your blood by becoming Aurangzeb and Padmavati Rao does full justice with Rajmata’s Character.
In short words, Tanhaji is a powerful historical adventure in which you will get to see a heartwarming history as well as everything you expect from a great cinema, you are going to get an opportunity to experience everything in two hours.
Personally, if you ask me, the only thing I would like to say is that you can see Tanhaji on my guarantee. I promise that you will return with many times more than you would spend in the film.

Tanaji Malusare (2020) Movie Rating By Filmi Indian

From my side, Tanhaji got four stars out of five, one star for the excellent cinematography of the film, one star for the strong performance of all the actors associated with one star film, and one star for his perfect performance for.

Tanaji Malusare (2020) About Negative

Talking negative, a star will be cut for their slightly weak visual effects because you have been charged a little more in the name of 3D.  Thank You!


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