Tanhaji : The unsung warrior (2020) Movie Trailer Introduction

Patriotism is a topic that we have been hearing since childhood. There are some heroics about which we are taught and there are some who are lost in history. But the fact is that due to their sacrifices, we are able to breath today in the air of freedom.
Now a days Bollywood is releasing movies on patriotism, some are real stories and some are imaginary and on the name of patriotism they are making people fool. In the process of dialogue and drama, patriotism is left behind and movie remains only as a heropanti.
Tanhaji : The unsung warrior (2020) Movie Trailer Review: Best and Honest
But then you say when you wake up the new dawn starts, something like this happened in our film industry because Ajay Devgn has done the work on screen with powerful story in which there is no such non sense drama as well as heropanti.
But believed that the film content is looking so real and fantastic, that it can make Bollywood feel shy. People need to feel ashamed who uses patriotism to make money, but with this film the sun is about to rise from somewhere else. .  Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie trailer review of Tanhaji.

Tanhaji : The unsung warrior (2020) Movie Cast and Story Explain

 The film is also special because this is Ajay Devgn‘s 100th film. And as we know of we make the list of talented actors then Ajay Devgn will be at the higher side of the ranks.
His film stories always makes down to other big budget films. This time the story is based on Maratha warrior Tanhaji who was the leader in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s military.
Our heart beats fast when we listen to dangerous stories of their bravery.  Their exploits are quite beyond to the ordinary person. This film has focused on the eating Maratha military and Mughal which was happend in Kondhana  fort ,which changed the history. After watching this story we will feel more proud about about warriors who sacrificed their lives for our country.
After a powerful movie Omkara, the superhit partnership of Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn are working together. Ajay Devgn will be the hero and Saif Ali Khan is playing a role of the powerful villain Udaybhan, who fought against Tanhaji in Kondhana fight.
So be ready for this fight as the hero and villain are going to be attacking. The best part of this film is it’s casting, when the 1st poster of this film was released that time the excitement of the fans were raised to the top. The look of Shivaji Maharaj to the the look of Savitribai are all looking realistic.
We are going to see Kajol and Ajay Devgn’s real life chemistry and Luke Kenny is playing a role of Aurangzeb in this film, Luke Kenny got you heart attack in Sacred games. The difference is that in Sacred games Saif Ali Khan and Luke Kenny were enemies and in this films they are going to be seen as friends.
After watching trailer you can get to know about the powerful action scenes. Some scenes are going to give you goosebumps. And on the other side you can see the love for the country which our warriors had, which are the identity of them.
I can guarantee you that this film is going to rock the industry, as it has Ajay Devgn in it and the content of this film is going to be power-packed. Bollywood should not add some non sense drama in this film or else  this historical story will also get Noth in no in return.
So wait till 10th January 2020 when instead of some love story people are going to watch a film on patriotism, and inspite of giving whistle people are going to salute our great Warriors.
Give your comment and let us know whether Tanhaji will shut the doors of imaginary patriotitic stories or this is also going to be one of them? Please give us comment of you like anything in this article. Thank You!


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