Thappad : (2020) Movie Trailer Introduction

The most ordinary and normal relationship in this world is of marriage, both a boy and a girl have to support each other for life. Have to fight a big problem together.
To be good in the eyes of the society, you also have to pretend to be happy for 24 hours. But there is a very famous saying that something much easier is hidden inside the thing which seems easier to see from outside.
Thappad : (2020) Movie Trailer : Best and Honest Review
Those who consider words like pyar, mohabbat and marriage as a source of happiness, they sometimes turn into nightmares. It is scared to see that some people have become so expert in masking their face that even if they are badly trapped in a relationship, but still ruin the whole life by compromising the fear of society and relatives.
Even the slightest glimpse of it is not visible on his face, but like Amitabh Bachchan sir said in the Pink film “No Means No”, this drama has been drawn long enough and now the time has come for it to start raising its voice against it and fight for its rights with a film that will work to lock in your poor thinking and it will also slap vigorously those who beat humans and consider them animals. Hello Friends, Welcome to Filmi Indian Blog and Movie Trailer review of “Thappad (2020)

Thappad : (2020) Movie Trailer Cast and Story Explain

In the year 2019, a film named Kabir Singh came in which tried to show Love Story. In the film, a person was introduced as a hero who slaps a girl. Changes her identity to her captive, but in the end the girl quietly marries him because they both had love. Now you may find it a bit wrong to hear this, but it is a fact of our society about which we all know and perhaps nobody wants to try to change it.
There is Kabir Singh in the film, so many people with similar names are roaming around in real life, but thankfully, there are directors like Anubhav Sinha in our film industry who work to show people the mirror through their powerful films. Whether it is about the film “Mulk” or the film “Article 15“, there is something hidden in every story that turns human beings to shame.
This time Taapsee Pannu is going to be seen in a story that is going to expose our society completely and what will be the norms and rules in a husband-wife relationship will be openly focused on them.
The slap that made Kabir Singh a hero in the minds of the people, this time due to that slap, a girl realizes her rights and she is forced to raise her voice against the wrong. The enemy is none other than her husband, who is bent on proving himself right even after raising his hand on wife in front of thousands of people.
The extent is when the girl’s housemates also misunderstand her and by saying a small thing, they ask her to forget the slap. The only difference is that what may not matter to you, it can completely hurt someone’s respect. Things that might have been ignored in the name of love, they come back together and begin to understand the difference between right and wrong.
In the trailer, Taapsee Pannu is seen giving the best acting performance as usual. The way in which she exits after making her own identity in every film, I want to salute her heartily. Her acting is a slap on the word of nepotism that has ruined Bollywood.

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Watching the Thappad trailer reminds us of films like Pink in which humans wage war against the whole world and come to the field for survival. Anyway, until we see someone else’s life living, raising fingers on him and proving him inferior is totally wrong.
Those who are going to make the film special, such talented actors associated with it, who do not have some special recognition, but in real sense, they do the job of completing every film. A few glimpses of Kumud Mishra, Ratna Pathak Shah and Manav Kaul are all seen in the trailer.
So just wait for 24 February 2020, which is going to be a big slap on the cheek of people who make Kabir Singh their idol while sitting in the theatre and in society, those who think that the husband is above the wife, theirs true colours will also come out. Thank You!


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